Writer’s Playground Anthologies


Friday Night Station Wives

From an eerie green mist filling the rail car, to the rickety rails of India. From misunderstandings about other passengers, to disagreements between red riding hood and her lover. From long journeys, to quick deaths. If you find yourself riding the Tube on the way to work, or facing a longer journey seated next to strangers while the scenery flashes past, pick up this collection of short stories and get lost in train-infused tales.

This anthology is for those who have, will, and want to travel by train. This collection hosts a little of everything: fantasy, science fiction, romance, contemporary. Climb aboard and enjoy literary morsels full of adventure, intrigue, and, most of all, trains.


Different Memory, Same Outcome

The influence of the sea is unpredictable. Sometimes it frightens you away, other times it lures you in, holds you captive, or calls you to its depths. Whatever sway the sea has on your soul, pick up this book and these stories will sweep you away on the tides.

Dip a toe in the water and experience an almost perfect wedding day or twins on a seaside holiday gone wrong. Swirl the water with your fingers and relive memories, as witches and mermaids dart away beneath the waves. From the blinding flash of a lighthouse in a raging storm to the darkest of caves, this anthology will appeal to anyone happy to lose themselves in salt-soaked tales. This collection hosts a little of everything: fantasy, science fi ction, romance, contemporary. Take a walk through the woods to the cliff edge and enjoy these literary morsels, so full of adventure and intrigue.

About the Writer’s Playground

Writing isn’t always easy, and there are some things we could all do with to help us along the way: accountability, motivation, support, and friendship. The Writer’s Playground, from Urban Writers’ Retreat, is an online home for writers that provides just that.

This anthology comes from a group of writers who spend their writing time in the playground, encouraging each other and generally procrastinating their work in a supportive way. But, as is obvious by this book in your hands, they also sit in the chair and get words on the page.

All proceeds go to charity, the Ministry of Stories.

Off Track is available exclusively on Amazon here.

To The Sea is available exclusively on Amazon here.