2016 – the year of Magic Teacups

If you read my roller coaster “review” of 2015, you may recall that I hoped that 2016 would be a bit more Magic Teacups. (If not, here it is! https://insertmonkeyhere.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/2015-a-bit-of-a-year/)
Which, I guess, it was.
We’ve spent a whole year in lovely Dartmouth and Mr Archer is constantly Smuggy McSmugface when he opens the blinds every morning to the view down the valley. We’re getting to know people (the DA loyalty card helps…) and getting involved in the community (and will be doing more in 2017). 
The portfolio career continued, swapping accommodation bookings and cleaning for books! A stint as a summer helper in the Dartmouth Bookseller led to some part time, ad hoc work – perfect for an author. I also set up my own business providing flexible support services such as recruitment and administration, prompted by my attendance at the Dartmouth Business Club.
Um, yeah, 2016 was definitely less eventful and not a huge amount happened…oh, wait… I SELF-PUBLISHED MY FIRST NOVEL!
How could I possibly talk about this year without mentioning the arrival of ‘Cocktails, Rock Tales and Betrayals’ on an unsuspecting world? Because, let’s face it, I haven’t talked about much else for the last few months.
I’ve said this in other blog posts and interviews, but it was the World Book Night Event in April of this year that really kick-started the whole process. Hearing traditionally and self-published authors talk about their how they had got their works out made me want to be standing on that side of the table at World Book Night 2017 telling my own story!
Having submitted to a number of agents and received stock replies of ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and ‘it’s not right for us but keep writing’, I considered the self-publishing route. With lots of help and advice from other authors who had successfully done it, I was more determined than ever to get the book out there myself. I was in the fortunate position of having the time and funds available to dedicate to the editing, cover design and marketing processes. 
So I did it! I wrestled with Kindle Direct Publishing, Createspace and Draft2Digital and won!
‘Cocktails’ came out at the end of September (and already feels like a lifetime ago) and swiftly on its heels was ‘Off Track’, an anthology of stories with a train theme written by my fellow chums in the Writer’s Playground. It’s a pretty cool feeling when you search your own name on Amazon… Book 2 (and possibly Book 3 and maybe another anthology) is coming next year.
What, then, for 2017? A carousel? Ferris wheel?

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